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Hawaiian Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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The Hawaiian strain is a sativa variety of cannabis, originating from the island of Hawaii. Her light smell and sweet tropical taste, combined with a happy yet clear buzz, make Hawaiian an exceptional cannabis strain.

Hawaiian Sativa is a compact 100% Sativa strain with a small amount of side branching, making it perfect for growing in tight spaces. Hawaiian Sativa buds have a pleasant citrus aroma and are full of resin.


CDB 0-1%
THC 17- 22%
Genetics Sativa
Origin Hawaiian Dream, Hawaiian Haze



La Hawaiian a des bourgeons larges et denses avec une abondance de poils orange qui la recouvrent. Sous cette couche d’orange, les feuilles sont vert clair.



Sweet, Tropical, Lemon


Sweet, Tropical, Lemon


Growing Advice

Hawaiian flowers grow tall and bloom slowly, taking 12 to 14 weeks. They are therefore probably best suited to a grower with a bit of experience and patience.


Medical Use

The main medical benefit of smoking the Hawaiian is to relieve stress. After a particularly long and stressful day, a few puffs of Hawaiian can give you a feeling of optimism and revitalization. If you suffer from depression or anxiety issues, this strain may be of use to you. Chronic pains and spasms can also be alleviated with it. However, be aware that Hawaiian can make your mouth quite dry and thirsty after smoking it.