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Cannabis Seeds in St-John’s, New Brunswick

Buying from the largest selection of seeds in st-john

Are you worried about not receiving your seeds? We definitely understand. Many online websites don’t deliver on their promise of delivering marijuana seeds discreetly. Over at NewBrunswickSeeds, you will never have an issue with your seeds not getting to your front door or sprouting.

We have over 200 strains of marijuana seeds that can be delivered directly to your door.

Growing Auto-Flowering strains in New Brunswick

Growers in New Brunswick have the privilege to legally grow cannabis on home soil. The benefit of auto-flower cannabis seeds is that it removes the stress of switching the light cycle for indoor grows. Auto flowering cannabis seeds have strong genetics and will result in high yields in New Brunswick. Using autoflower marijuana seeds will also lead to quick harvest times, making it easy to enjoy your favourite strains in time.

Which strain is right for you?


New Brunswick Seeds offer several types of cannabis seeds to choose from. Whether you want cannabis seeds for medical recreation or for growing we got you covered. Our cannabis seeds flower without any complications.

One of our best strains includes Blueberry strain, which is an auto-flowering, feminized strain of cannabis that works for both recreational and medicinal users. Our strains can help individuals with conditions such as pain, insomnia, and depression. It also brings a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. By browsing through our wide selection of strains, you can find the best seeds for your needs.



Are you a resident of New Brunswick looking for high-quality cannabis seeds? It may be difficult to get your hands-on high-quality cannabis seeds due to the lack of cannabis seeds shops. However, residents of New Brunswick can legally cultivate marijuana seeds and get healthy yields. It’s easy to find high-quality marijuana seeds if you buy from reputable breeders in New Brunswick. New Brunswick seeds is a great place to get high quality cannabis seeds online. We stock the best strains available.

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