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A member of the Skunk family, Green Crack is a popular sativa-dominant strain. Its characteristic lime green color and citrus smell make it an easily recognizable strain. Favorite during the day due to its invigorating effects, Green Crack is ideal for combating fatigue and stress while inspiring creativity.

The Green Crack cannabis strain tends to have high levels of THC, 17-25%. It is sativa-dominant. Although a great recreational strain, its energizing properties can be perfect for conditions like depression. It will provide a strong euphoria and boost the mood. The energy boost can help some types of attention deficit and can improve productivity.

CDB 3.5-7%
THC 17-25%
Genetics Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Origin Sativa Afghane, Skunk

Green Crack cannabis produces tight, dense buds covered in bright orange hairs. The whole structure of the plant is covered with crystals. It is a tall plant, typical of sativa-dominant strains.


Fruity, Mango, Earthy


Citrus, Earthy, Tropical


Growing Advice

Green Crack marijuana will grow tall and fast before it begins to flower. Have your scissors in hand, because you want to be ready for buds that develop quickly over a short flowering period. Green Crack does well outdoors in healthy soils with plenty of room for root development.

Medical Use

The Green Crack cannabis sativa strain is perfect for treating depression, stress, fatigue, pain and lack of appetite. Perfect during the day to energize you and help you get through your tasks. Green Crack provides an invigorating mental buzz and leaves the head clear.