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Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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Bruce Banner Fast Version Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Not an Autoflower)

The fast version of the Bruce Banner strain we also carry, can be expected to flower in 7 to 8 weeks outdoors. These are not autoflowering cannabis seeds; they merely speed up the flowering time for faster harvest yields. This means you’ll be able to harvest in mid-September (weather depending) instead of late October or early November like the original Bruce Banner strain required.

Like the original Bruce Banner in every regard, besides the flowering time, you can anticipate high yields with a 25% to 32% THC content per plant. Crossed from the original OG Kush and legendary Strawberry Diesel, the fast version of this beloved strain packs just as hard of a punch as the original.

Bruce Banner’s name doesn’t give much away as far as smell or taste goes, but you can expect intense diesel with a sweet undertone. The sweet undertone comes out more when vaping, though you can still anticipate heavy amounts of diesel in every hit. The stinking diesel scent can’t be mistaken, delivering one of the most powerful and pungent smells that this beautiful plant can deliver.


Bruce Banner Fast Version Information

Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Original OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
Flowering Time 50-60 days
THC 25-32% THC
Yield (Outdoors) up to 650gr. per plant September
Yield (Indoor) 450gr. to 600gr.
Available Feminized  5 Seeds