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Buy cannabis seeds in New Brunswick

Are you looking to purchase marijuana or cannabis seeds in New Brunswick? Look no further than the one and only New Brunswick Seeds. Buying cannabis seeds is no longer what it used to be. Back then, you had a to find a professional market that sold them and they were really hard to find. Now through the web or a licensed dispensary, you can find the exact marijuana seeds in New Brunswick you need.

Choosing the right seed bank

They’ve always said the best seeds come from Canada, and it is without a doubt that the best cannabis seeds come from Canada and Amsterdam, where there is the largest inventory of cannabis in the world.

Not only are we Canadian, but we actually specialize in seeds for Moncton, Fredericton, St-John and other regions of New Brunswick. As the leader in seeds in New Brunswick, we take pride in having the largest collection of seeds in the province. We also ship within 24 hours and seeds are delivered within 5 business days.

Do you only ship to New Brunswick?

Although we are named, we ship to the entire world. If you would like some free seeds, use coupon code Freeseeds to receive 3 free seeds with every order!

What are Cannabis laws in New Brunswick?

Cannabis is completely legal is Newbrunswick. You can carry up to 30 grams on you at all times. Since 2018, cannabis has been legal for the adults over the age of 19.

Where do I start if I am new to growing?

If this is your first time growing, we suggest starting with Auto-flowering seeds. These plants are very tough to kill and usually takes 12 weeks from start to finish. They are really easy for a first grow. The plants are usually smaller and give small yields however the plants grow relatively easy and don’t need attention when it comes to lighting. Seeds that aren’t autoflower seeds usually take a lot more attention and are for expert growers.

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