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Cannabis Seeds in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Luckily, purchasing seeds in Fredericton is completely legal as cannabis in legalized in Canada. Over the last 5 years, the federal government has taken a great initiative in easing the legalization process of marijuana in all provinces.

By purchasing seeds on our website, you are facilitating the process of buying seeds in Fredericton. The seeds will be delivered to your door within 7 business days in a discreet and stealth shipment. New Brunswick Seeds has a user-friendly experience, making it easy to navigate through our pages and find the right seeds for you. Within 24 hours of purchase, the order will be processed and shipped and delivered to your Fredericton address within a couple business days.

Growing plants from seed in Fredericton

Growing seeds into plants in Fredericton is way easier than it seems. At New Brunswick Seeds, we offer you an enormous amount of information that allows you to grow at your own rhythm. Access to our master growers will give you access to a large range of information regarding your grow. Are you wondering which chemical or fertilizer to add to your plant? Don’t worry about a thing when it comes to germination or finalizing your plants last touches before harvest. 



Shipping seeds to Fredericton

Cannabis is absolutely legal in Canada according to the Cannabis Act, meaning there is no need to worry about the legalities of cannabis. In 2018, cannabis was legalized in Fredericton making it easy for us to ship you seeds in fredericton. New Brunswick Seeds also operates in New Brunswick creating a quicker shipping time for residents of the province to receive their seeds.
Purchasing seeds online has never been easier! The seeds get shipped directly to your door with the help of New Brunswick Seeds, you will never have to worry again. 

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