Hindu Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds


  • THC LEVELS: 20%
  • CBD LEVELS: 0.5%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 weeks
  • FLAVOR: Spicy, Woody, Pine
  • EFFECTS: Happy, Creative

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Hindu Kush is one of the first landrace strains that precipitated the popularization of cannabis around the world. It is a pure and powerful indica. It is native to the Hindu Kush mountain range which forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hindu Kush is a relatively pure strain that is simpler and often more potent than the new crosses that continue to spring up in today’s competitive cannabis market. It is prized for its strongly sedative, almost narcotic properties, and it’s very resinous flowers. The THC composition of Hindu Kush is usually measured between 15-20%.

CDB 0-1%
THC 15-20%
Genetics Indica
Origin Hindu Kush


Hindu Kush is characterized by large clusters of green buds that stick with their incredibly sticky consistency. Some phenotypes show shades of purple in the leaves, the result of high concentrations of plant pigments called anthocyanins that are activated by cold during the vegetative stage.

The dense flowers are famous for their resin (Hindu Kush may have been one of the first strains used to produce hashish) and have a thick coating of silvery-white trichomes.


Pine, Incense, Herbs


Spices, Wood, Pine, Earthy

Growing Advice

The Hindu Kush strain can be grown indoors, as long as multiple plants are spaced apart to accommodate the strain’s wide side branches. Outdoor cultivation tends to be more difficult, as the strain’s native climate is highly variable.

However, as seen, some Hindu Kush strains have been stabilized through minor crossbreeding, so certain phenotypes can grow well outdoors. Growers may want to prune lower branches (which can later be used to grow clones) to allow for easy air circulation. Growers should also prune wide fan leaves to allow light to penetrate the flowering nodes along the length of the plant.

When grown indoors, Hindu Kush flowers for 8-10 weeks. If grown outdoors, the plants are usually ready to harvest by the end of October. Hindu Kush can produce up to 1.5 oz per square foot and reach THC levels of up to 20%.

Medical Use

The feeling of being locked in the couch is commonly reported: users may have thoughts or intentions of getting up to complete a task, but will just as happily stay still. This stilling can free the mind from lazy contemplation and wandering creative thought.

Some psychedelic effects like visual distortions and strange tactile sensations may also be present. Hindu Kush is not recommended for active daytime use.

On the contrary, it works well as a numbing agent for chronic pain, an anti-nausea treatment, and as a way to relieve stress and anxiety.