Pink Berry Feminized Seeds
Pink Berry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Pink Berry Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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The Pink Berry strain is a tasty indica-dominant hybrid. This strain combines Pink Champagne and Blackberry genetics and has all the potency and flavor of its parent strains. This relaxing bud has a THC content that has been measured between 14-21%.

The Pink Berry strain possesses sweet and fruity buttery tastes that are almost like consuming a cup of berry flavored frozen yogurt. The scent takes on a creamy twist, blending rich florals with sweet, fruity berries for a mouthwatering and addictive aroma that will leave you hungry. The high itself is equally mellow, perfect for winding down at the end of a long day or when you need a little nudge to fall asleep at night.

CDB 0-1%
THC 17- 22%
Genetics Indica
Origin Blueberry, Pink Kush



The Pink Berry cannabis strain impresses with its large flowers that retain a solid, almost spherical shape. The buds exhibit an indica influence with a dense internal structure; the leaves curl tightly inward towards their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mottled mix of mossy green with occasional flashes of blue and purple; these latter hues appear when the anthocyanin pigments in the strain’s genetics are activated by cold during the growth process. Finally, bright orange pistils and translucent white trichomes make these attractive flowers even more colorful.


Berries, Sweet, Butter, Yogurt


Cream, Floral, Berry, Sweet, Fruity


Growing Advice

This strain of cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors, although outdoor success depends on a semi-humid Mediterranean-type climate, so we forget about Quebec. The plants have a short, bushy stature and can produce a large number of fan leaves. Gardeners may need to trim these leaves from time to time in order to encourage flowering of any low growing nodes. Pinkberry matures after a very short six to seven weeks, but offers a below average yield, estimated at 32 to 37 grams of flowers per square foot of plant.

Medical Use

The broad recreational properties of Pink Berry can also be utilized by patients who use cannabis for medical purposes. Its initial burst of brain energy can help people with attention problems focus on specific tasks. The strain’s uplifting effects on overall mood can also temporarily soothe symptoms of stress and depression. From a physical point of view, pink berry can reduce pain, whether mild and related to injuries or chronic diseases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The anti-inflammatory properties can treat everyday irritations like headaches and nausea. In a properly relaxed setting and environment, this relaxing strain can even put users to sleep, making it a viable treatment for insomnia.