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How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

Key factors to watch when storing cannabis seeds

Storing cannabis seeds correctly is essential to maintaining their viability and ensuring high germination rates. The three main factors that can negatively impact the germination rates of autoflower and feminized seeds are light, heat, and humidity conditions.

To extend the shelf life of your cannabis seed collection and preserve its potential for growth, it’s important to minimize and properly manage these factors.

Light Exposure

Light exposure is an important concern for those storing cannabis seeds for the long term. The embryonic tissues that store within the seeds need protection from light in order to maintain their genetic code. Since this dictates the type of marijuana you will eventually grow, light damage should be avoided at all costs. You can ensure that your cannabis seeds are properly shielded from bright lights by storing them in a sealable, lightproof container.

Although the shell of the seed helps to protect it from light, it is important to remember that in nature, they are normally dropped from the plant onto the soil in autumn/fall which generally results in more exposure to light than what is ideal. Therefore, extra caution must be taken when storing these delicate seeds if you wish to have a successful harvest and grow strong, healthy plants down the line.

Humidity Level

Maintaining the correct humidity level for cannabis seed storage is critical for proper germination. When the seeds are stored at lower humidity levels, it will slow down germination and allow the seed to remain viable longer.

By keeping humidity levels below 40%, you can create a dry environment in which your seeds are protected from water and moisture that could soften their hard, rigid shells. This keeps them well-protected until they are ready to be germinated in a regulated moist environment.

When preparing to store your cannabis seeds, first use an appropriate container with enough room for ventilation and make sure it’s kept out of direct sunlight or other heat sources. You will also want to make sure there are no sudden changes in temperature that could cause condensation inside the container.

Adding a packet of moisture-absorbing desiccants can help reduce the humidity in the container where you plan on storing the seeds, helping you maintain an optimally low humidity level for cannabis seed storage over time.

Temperature Fluctuations

Maintaining the ideal temperature for storing cannabis seeds is incredibly important for preserving the seed and ensuring that it will germinate once planted. Low temperatures help to preserve the delicate living plant tissue, which helps to keep them viable for a much longer period than what would be expected at room temperature.

The ideal storage temperature for cannabis seeds is 0-10 degrees Celsius (32-50 degrees Fahrenheit). Keeping the temperature in this range slows down cellular biochemistry and stops any metabolic activity from taking place, keeping the delicate living plant tissue safe and fresh.

Temperature fluctuations should also be taken into consideration when storing cannabis seeds. If temperatures fluctuate too much, then this could cause damage to the delicate living plant tissue within, resulting in lower germination rates or no germination at all when these seeds are eventually planted.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that cannabis seeds are stored in a cool, dark place away from any drastic changes in temperature that could damage the seed or reduce its lifespan.

Why Is Proper Cannabis Seed Storage Important?

Proper storage of cannabis seeds is essential in guaranteeing strong and healthy future crops. Without proper storage, the quality of cannabis plants later sprouted from those seeds could suffer significantly. In some cases, improper storage can even reduce the germination rate of a batch of seeds, leaving growers with a smaller harvest than expected.

How Long Can Cannabis Seeds Actually Be Stored For?

Cannabis seeds can be kept and stored safely for a significant amount of time if they are stored in the ideal conditions. Generally, they can be kept for up to 1-2 years in a cool, dark place. In some cases, it is even possible that their shelf life could extend to 5 years!

But one should keep in mind that the fresher the seed, the more likely it is for successful germination. It is best to plant the weed seeds within a couple of months of being harvested or else the chances of success are lower.

That being said, as long as the seed has been stored properly and hasn’t been damaged in any way, there should still be hope for premature germination even if it has been sitting around for several years. Overall, knowledge about proper storage and techniques can go a long way when it comes to how long weed seeds can last them.

The Right Storage Options for Your Cannabis Seeds

It is crucial to store cannabis seeds in a location that is protected from direct light. To maintain the viability of the seeds and maximize germination rates, it’s also important to keep the ideal humidity levels low and the temperature at the refrigerator level. There are various storage options available, depending on the length of time you plan to store the seeds.


Seed storage is an important process that should not be taken for granted. When storing seeds for the long term, special measures should be taken to ensure their viability. However, when it comes to short-term storage, there are some simple steps that can be followed to keep your weed seeds viable and ready to plant.

First of all, avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations as much as possible. Rapid variations in stable temperature can lead to damage or destruction of the seeds, which would render them useless. It’s best to store them in a dark drawer or cupboard, away from any direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

If you live in a location with dramatic temperature fluctuations between daytime and night, outside space is definitely not ideal. The most effective way to store your seeds for short periods is by placing them in a container with desiccant and then sealing it in a cool, dark place such as a drawer or cupboard away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

Doing so will help ensure that your precious marijuana seeds remain viable until you are ready to plant them.


Medium-term food storage requires specific measures to ensure that your food is kept safe and fresh. Once you enter the medium-term storage period – which typically ranges from a few months – it is time to use an airtight container.

Popular options for this type of container include mason jars or Ziploc bags, though any airtight container should work. These containers should then be placed in the fridge as cold temperatures help to preserve food for longer periods of time.

However, you must keep in mind that every time the fridge door is opened, there will be significant temperature fluctuations. As such, if at all possible, it is best to have another fridge that isn’t used as often so that excessive temperature changes can be minimized.

Furthermore, modern fridges tend to have low humidity levels, so make sure to take steps to rectify this issue such as using items like salt dishes or leaving somewhat dampened bread products in them (which will serve to humidify the ideal environment).

When these several steps are followed correctly, your food should remain fresh and safe during its stay in medium-term storage.


When it comes to storing marijuana seeds for the long term, a vacuum-sealed container is one of the most effective ways of preserving their viability. It can be achieved by removing all the air out of a Ziploc bag, which acts as an impenetrable shield against moisture.

There are also more advanced vacuum containers specifically designed for this purpose that you can purchase online if needed. Once sealed, put the bag in a dark opaque container and store it in your refrigerator so that it remains at a constant temperature.

Freezing is another preservation method of storage you could use, but you need to germinate them immediately upon removal from cold storage or else you will risk diminishing their potential vitality and sprouting properties over time.

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FAQS About Storing Cannabis Seeds

Can I Store Cannabis Seeds In a Plastic Bag?

It is not recommended to store marijuana seeds in plastic bags. This is because the hull of a cannabis seed can be very fragile and easily punctured by sharp objects. Plastic bags are also not airtight and can allow moisture to enter, damaging the sensitive seed and causing it to rot. Furthermore, plastic containers may contain certain chemicals that could leech into the contents, further degrading them.

How Do You Know If Seeds Are Still Good?

There are a few simple common methods to tell if cannabis seeds are still good. The easiest and most reliable way is to place the marijuana seeds in a bowl of water. If the seeds sink, then they’re good and have a viable chance of germinating.

However, if the marijuana seeds remain floating on top of the water, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad; it just means that there isn’t enough evidence to say – one way or another.

To double-check, it can always be worth keeping them submerged in water for up to three days to see if any small sprouts start sprouting from the seed – which indicates successful germination is likely.

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