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NYC Diesel Auto-flower Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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New York is known as the city that never sleeps where people from all over the world come together to achieve something great. NYC Diesel cannabis is somewhat similar. When a few plants grow together, they form their own microcosm, where strong side branches and heavy buds form a beautiful horizon to behold. Take a front row seat in front of your grow tent and see how quickly 65 days can pass. The relaxing yet energetic high, along with the unique aromas and diverse genetic background, are hallmarks of a strain destined for greater things.

The NYC Diesel strain hails from none other than the Big Apple itself. This is a hybrid marijuana plant that boasts a THC level of around 20%. NYC Diesel is an ideal strain for social anxiety, stress, energy and enthusiasm – so it couldn’t be more perfect than the strain for the city that never sleeps.

The effects can be accurately described as a pleasant mix of relaxation and euphoria, underlined by energetic feelings that make you want to get out. When consuming the NYC Diesel strain of cannabis, it is also enjoyable to do all kinds of sporting activities or other tasks that require a certain level of energy and concentration to complete successfully.

CDB 0-1%
THC 17- 22%
Origin Sativa Afghan, Sativa Mexicain
Génétique Sativa dominant hybrid



The NYC Diesel cannabis plant has the shape of a fir tree with large, broad, medium green leaves and pointed buds with orange to brown hairs and a resin coating. Indoors, the plants grow between 1.5 and 2 meters tall with pruning, although outdoors, if given free rein, they can reach 4 meters.

Taste & Aroma

This strain of cannabis produces sweet citrus aromas, often described as red grapefruit, whose taste is tinged with a bit of diesel.


Growing Advice

Unless you have a warm fall climate, keep NYC Diesel indoors so this plant can finish its flowering cycle in time. Healthy soil will allow the aroma of this plant to fully develop. Prune plants during the vegetative cycle to promote full canopy growth, and keep the lower parts of the plant pruned to direct effort where it matters most.

Medical Use

Like many other plants that produce cerebral highs, the NYC Diesel cannabis strain is often chosen by patients seeking relief from stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. Despite this, the bodily effects of the strain are strong enough to make mild to moderate chronic pain more manageable. Finally, the use of NYC Diesel could also increase appetite and help overcome various eating disorders.