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Fruity Pebbles 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Fruity Pebbles 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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Whether it’s a hybrid that stimulates thought and creativity or an indica suited for solo use at night, Fruity Pebbles 2.0 has a high that matches her impressive taste profile. With its signature smell, Fruit Pebbles 2.0 strain will turn heads and attract new friends, provided you don’t mind sharing.


Users describe the high of Fruity Pebbles 2.0 as a state that begins with a soft, strong body buzz, relieves the mind, and is followed by a light lock-up on the couch. This strain leaves a very energetic high in which you are relaxed, friendly and lethargic, but still functional if you want to. Fruity Pebbles 2.0 is ideal for patients with chronic pain and mood disorders, thanks to its relaxing effect on the body and its high in the brain. The buds are a light mint green, with a downy body and a cover of resin and crystals. The most interesting feature is the coloring of the hairs that are woven through the bud – they are a rainbow fusion of reds, purples, yellows and oranges!

CDB 1%
THC 23%
Origin Alien Kush, Grandaddy Purps, Green Ribbon, OG Kush, Tahoe OG
Genetics Indica Dominant Hybrid


Fruity Pebbles is characterized by long, dense, conical buds that are clearly distinguishable from the smaller, more compact buds typical of pure indicas. The leaves are green, although many phenotypes feature vibrant shades of purple and red with contrasting orange pistils. These bright colors – which give this strain another reason for the name – are the result of anthocyanins, chlorophyll-like compounds in the plant that produce colors when exposed to cold temperatures.

Growing Advice

Outdoor cultivation requires a constant temperate climate with indirect sunlight. Those looking to grow indoors should plan for ample grow space. Depending on the phenotype, Fruity Pebbles can reach sativa-like heights with a heavy yield of flowers that will need to be staked and tied to grow properly. Growers should be sure to fan-cut the leaves at the top of the plants to allow light to penetrate down to the lower branches. Indoors, the plants will flower and be ready for harvest within 8-9 weeks. Since the flowers have a pungent, fruity smell, growers may want to outfit their grow spaces with tools like carbon filters or exhaust fans. Fruity Pebbles are considered quite a difficult strain to grow and can pose a challenge for the novice grower.

Taste and Aroma

Taste: Sweet, Fruity
Aroma: Tropical, lemon, berries, spices


Medical Use

This strain can be effective in fighting pain, mood disorders, migraines, and attention deficit disorders. Indica-leaning phenotypes are also great for relieving insomnia and easing mental tension.