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Cannabis Seeds in Moncton


If you are looking for an influx and consistent supply of cannabis seeds in Moncton, New Brunswick, you are at the right spot! New Brunswick Seeds is one of the leading seed banks that brings you the highest-quality cannabis seeds at a pocket-friendly rate. Whether you are contemplating a myriad of cannabis seed options out there or certain about the strain type you want, our collection features numerous options that fit your bill. Our seed collection includes feminized seeds, CBD seeds, Auto flower seeds and much more. 


The best aspect is that you don’t have to fret about leaving your home to grab our premium cannabis seeds. We can directly ship and deliver your desired seed to your corner of the world at your doorsteps. 


As a leading brand of cannabis seeds, we are one of the top-rated seed breeders in New Brunswick. Our seed experts ensure precision and quality during the maintenance and cultivation process. We have an effective storage system for timely delivery. We also promise a pleasant and convenient customer experience. 


If you enjoy growing cannabis seeds or are eager to take up this DIY project, read on to unveil some exciting details about cannabis seeds.  


Are Cannabis seeds legal in Moncton, New Brunswick?


While researchers and scientists are contemplating variations in legal implications, Cannabis in Canada is legal for recreational and medicinal usage. State laws aim to elevate public awareness and reap benefits from the economic opportunity the cannabis industry unfolds. You can easily avail the opportunity of the lenient laws that allow you to own and nurture your little cannabis nursery at home. To have a consistent supply of cannabis seeds throughout the year, you can consider buying our premium New Brunswick Seeds. 


Destinations for seed deliveries in Moncton, New Brunswick


Since market demand is burgeoning throughout Canada, there is a boost in the sale of Cannabis seeds. New Brunswick Seeds strives to cater to market demand and provide a seamless customer experience by guaranteeing a smooth service and timely delivery. 


We save you from the shipment and delivery hassle by extending our services from Moncton to Fredericton and St-John and even out of Canada. 


Why New Brunswick Seeds? 


If you want premium seeds that have shorter germination spans and rapid growth rates and render a flavorsome taste after their conversion into a fully grown plant, New Brunswick Seeds are the best option for you. We have efficient and innovative storage facilities to ensure quick delivery in its fresh state. After the harvesting, our experts maintain the quality and viability of the seeds. The seeds stay in a safe and non-reactive atmosphere, further accelerating the germination process. 


Cannabis Seed Strains


Cannabis seed strains play a crucial role in growing phases of cannabis. Our collection includes, CBD seed Bank, New exotic seed varieties, autoflower seeds and premium feminized seeds. 


Some of the strains from our latest collection includes:



Can you obtain weed seeds in Moncton?


Do you live in Moncton and are eager to buy cannabis seeds? If yes, contact New Brunswick Seeds today. We are one of the distinct and top-quality seed repositories in Canada, with innumerable varieties of seeds and strains in store for you. We carefully hand-pick, introspect and pack cannabis seeds to deliver to your doorstep! 


Is it better to grow Cannabis outdoors or indoors in Moncton, New Brunswick?


Interested in growing your miniature cannabis nursery? Well, certain factors come into play. Weather conditions might impact the growth of your seeds. You can go for an outdoor plantation if you have a dry atmosphere. You can also try greenhouse plantations. Arrange abundant lighting options if you plan to go for an indoor plantation. 


New Brunswick Laws

  • According to a survey in 2017, Statistics Canada revealed that New Brunswick is the fifth largest province that consumes Cannabis.  

  • The federal Cannabis Act legalized Cannabis for recreational purposes in 2018.

  • The legal age to buy, own, cultivate and consume Cannabis is 19. 

  • Homeowners may grow up to four cannabis plants. 

  • Individuals aged 19 or older may possess 30 grams or equivalent Cannabis when out of their home. 

  • Cannabis should be inaccessible to minors at home. 



Key takeaways:


If you have a green thumb, you start growing your cannabis nursery. Get in touch with News Brunswick Seeds to order your premium marijuana seed pack to start your DIY project in your backyard. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How strong are Cannabis seeds?


A cannabinoid is one of the primary compounds in marijuana that might give rise to mood changes or psychoactive impacts. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in Cannabis affects the strength of the drug’s influence. However, THC levels may vary in each plant type or strain. It also varies according to the plant’s cultivation, utilization and procession. 


Q. What are some other common names for Cannabis? 


Cannabis is also known as marijuana, grass, Mary Jane, weeds, joints, hash, hooch, brew, cones, smoke, Buddha, mull, Gandalf, heeds and greens. 


Q. What is the price of cannabis seeds?


The cost of cannabis seeds is around $40-$60.

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