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Many cannabis enthusiasts think that the name “Skunk” is a generic term for cannabis that draws. That’s not entirely true, but it’s no secret that Skunk #1 packs quite a punch. The power of the hybrid is evident in the effect: the trip begins with an energetic high characterized by clarity of thought and creativity. This is followed by a pleasantly heavy feeling where every muscle fiber in the body seems to relax.

Skunk # 1 is an indica-leaning hybrid known for its sedative and relaxing high and tastes like – you guessed it – skunk. It also has a fairly sour and earthy taste, making it a unique smoke. Skunk #1 works very well for mood disorders like depression and can also help with problems like migraines, chronic pain and fatigue.

Classified as an indica-dominant hybrid, Skunk #1 is 65% indica genetics and 35% sativa genetics, but its effects are not so reminiscent of how one would imagine an indica-dominant strain to be, perhaps due to its hybridization.

CDB 0-1%
THC 12-21%
Genetics Indica dominant Hybrid
Origin Ruderalis, Skunk


Skunk #1 is quite a beautiful, radiant crop with leaves present in colors of light yellow and washed out green, mixed with a bit of silver gray. Often the buds contain many patches of bright orange pistils that curl and twist into the leaves and a thick coating of trichomes usually covers the surface.


Skunk, Intense


Skunk, Earthy

Growing Advice

Skunk #1 was originally bred to be grown indoors, but has evolved to become suitable for outdoor growing as well, so long as the climate and weather conditions are favorable.

Overall, this cannabis strain is easy to grow, but later in the growing process it can become particularly susceptible to mold, which could easily wipe out an entire healthy crop if not spotted and managed quickly. .

To successfully grow this plant in a greenhouse or indoors, plenty of light and warm temperature control must also be present, in addition to adequate ventilation so that the chances of bud mold are reduced.

Medical Use

Skunk #1 works great for mood disorders like depression and can also help manage issues like migraines, chronic pain, and fatigue.