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Mazar Auto-flower Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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Auto Mazar is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. The AutoMazar strain has a skunk aroma and its flavor has strong hints of hashish. If you’re looking for a strain that produces good yields and greater potency than most of its auto-flowering cousins, AutoMazar might be for you. She is not difficult to grow, and is ideal if you only have limited growing space.


The smoke from this strain tastes of hash, fruit, citrus, and flowers. Its THC level reaches nearly 20% when the strain is grown correctly. Users may experience the world in a bright, psychedelic light after using this strain, or they may fall into a deep sleep.


Growing Advice

AutoMazar seeds produce short, bushy plants that range in height from 70 to 80 centimeters. The buds are dense and compact, with long orange to brown hairs, while the leaves are green and quite large for such a small plant.

For indoor growing, her auto-flowering ability means you don’t have to force flowering by varying the light duration. Just grow the plants in about 20 hours of light a day and they will bloom happily. This strain is quite easy to grow and you can expect to harvest between 100 and 200 grams per plant.

Medical Use

The AutoMazar strain can help with insomnia and lack of appetite.


Hashish, Fruity, Lemon

Skunk, Hashish