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CBD Kush is a hybrid strain of equal parts THC and CBD. Derived from Kandy Kush and an unnamed high CBD strain, CBD Kush is typically tested even in THC and CBD, which may be beneficial for consumers with low tolerance or for those dealing with illnesses. like pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Its psychoactive effects are subtle, providing a tame experience that relieves muscles in relaxation without much mental disturbance.

CBD Kush is a strain specifically cultivated to achieve a balance between THC and CBD effects. This is a cross between an unspecified strain, rich in CBD and the very lemony Kandy Kush. CBD Kush contains between 5% and 8% THC and up to 7% to 11% CBD.

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CBD Kush impresses with its large, almost spherically shaped buds. The large flowers adhere in an indica-typical bud structure, with tightly coiled leaves inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are bright emerald green and twisted with rust-colored pistils. Because it is genetically suited for low amounts of THC, this strain has a low resin volume; any trichomes present are amber in color, giving the flowers a slightly yellow sheen.


Ripe fruit, Sour


Very Alive


Cultivation tips

CBD Kush can be grown indoors or outdoors, although outdoor cultivation requires a semi-humid climate. The plants generally grow short and bushy; therefore growers should periodically cut back the broad fan leaves which can prevent light and air from reaching low growing flowering nodes. CBD Kush flowers in 9 weeks when grown indoors and offers patient growers a high return for their efforts. Those looking to keep their indoor grow unobtrusive should invest in odor control measures like charcoal air filters.

Medical use

The medical uses of CBD Kush may be valued more than its recreational uses. This strain can offer relief from deep pain, whether temporary or chronic. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also relieve everyday discomforts like headaches and nausea. As mentioned, the high concentration of CBD may allow for fewer distractions, allowing people with attention deficit disorder to focus on a single task. Finally, CBD Kush can improve mood, providing temporary refuge from stress, depression, and anxiety.