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Bubble Gum Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bubble Gum Feminized Cannabis Seeds


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Bubble gum marijuana is a popular hybrid strain, with indica just taking over, creating the perfect balance. And with a name like Bubble Gum, there is no hiding its sweet and savory flavor remarkably reminiscent of berries. If cultivated well, the trips it engenders can be euphoric and induce intense physical relaxation. And the good news is, it’s easy to grow from seed.

The Bubble Gum strain was originally developed by growers in Indiana, who were trying to create a balance between physical relaxation and a euphoric high. However, that did not go as planned and the strain, after making a few rounds in Indiana, ended up in Holland. Specifically, she ended up with TH Seeds, which today is one of the oldest seed banks in Holland. They were successful in stabilizing the strain, making its growth patterns, flavour and odour as uniform as possible.

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% of CDB 0-1%
% of THC 15-20%
Genetics Indica, Sativa
Origin Inconnue


This cannabis plant has dark forest green buds, which are thick and densely packed. Brassy orange hairs twist and curve through sugary crystal coated buds. Whole buds are covered with crystals. Beautiful.

Taste and Aroma

Taste: Sweet, Bubblegum
Aroma: Soft, Spicy, Flowers, Candy Perfume

Growing Advice

The Bubble Gum cannabis strain grows well in a large scale SOG. It is easy to manage and provides uniform growth. This hybrid clones well, making it easy to rotate your garden space and keep production moving forward. In quality soils and hydroponic setups, this strain is suitable for novice and expert growers alike.

Medical Use

This strain of cannabis is perfect for treating stress, depression, pain, muscle spasms and fatigue. Users feel relaxed, euphoric, happy, smiling and laughing.